Saturday, January 10, 2009

Taro Yam Braised Belly Pork 芋头扣肉

Meicai kuorou (preserved mustard green in braised soy sauce pork) is a signature Hakka dish.

In Guangdong province where yam is in abundance, yutou (taro or yam) kuoro (braised pork) arranged in an alternate fashion is more popular.

Belly pork has to be deep fried, refreshed with water and braised till it acquires a succulent melt in the mouth texture. Similarly, the yam slices should be pan fried or baked in the oven till it is almost cooked before arranging them in a large bowl alternating between pork and yam. Add seasoning sauces - basic are soy sauce, five spice powder, furu (fermented red bean curd) and a dash of shaoxing wine (optional). Steam over boiling water in an airtight pot for at least 90 minutes. When ready to serve, invert the bowl over a slightly larger dish.

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