Friday, October 30, 2009

Taro / yam braised meat -- yu tou kou rou 芋头扣肉

Tantalising taro arranged alternately with double cooked belly pork

Cooking the belly pork entails various stages. Ensure that you prepare hours in advance. Firstly, the pork has to be marinated in soy sauce and five spice powder for at least an hour. Drain the sauce before frying the fatty portion in a hot frying pan. Quickly transfer into a pot with the marinade and bring to the slow boil. Add 2 cloves of garlic. Lower the heat and simmer with lid on till tender and fragrant. This should take at least an hour or two. Then cool the meat. Remove and slice into smaller pieces.

Meanwhile, panfry the taro (yam) till slightly golden brown (half cooked).
Arrange taro and pork belly slices alternately in a large bowl. Adding fermented red beancurd will lend the dish more flavour, aroma and colour. Use fu ru sparingly as it can be very salty.

Steam over boiling water in a large pot or wok covered for 45 minutes to an hour. Ensure that water does not dry up or it may damage your cooking utensils or could even be dangerous. To tell if it's ready, the yam and meat should be quite soft and amalgamated. Place a large dish over the bowl and press tightly. Quickly invert the bowl and put on the table. Remove the bowl which has served as a mould while cooking.

This is a very popular dish among Hakkas who lived in Guangzhou. It is an adaptation from trademark Hakka dish salty mustard braised pork belly.

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