Friday, March 6, 2009

Deep Fried Chicken Wings in Red Fermented Tofu

This is my aunt's speciality. The wife of my maternal uncle used to whip up some traditional Hakka dishes for birthday and wedding banquets held in villages and homes of the hosts.

The chicken wings have to be cleaned and air dried. If using frozen chicken, ensure they are thoroughly thawed before you add the seasoning.

Marinate with one or two pieces of red fermented tofu (Mandarin - nan ru; Hakka - lam yuoi), a dash of pepper and pinch of sugar.

Coat lightly with all purpose flour before frying. Some like to dip into beaten egg to prevent the flour from falling off and clouding the cooking oil. It's optional.

Ensure that there is sufficient amount of oil to cover the meat and heat it up to medium high temperature before frying the meat. Ready once it's golden brown and firm.

This dish can be quite salty, so go easy on the "lam yuoi". Well, Hakka food is known to be strong in tastes and appetizing. In the old days, Hakka farmers need to eat more rice to build up their physique for manual work and ward off intruders. Salt is a natural preservative and helps to keep the food better for days as large quantities are cooked to feed an extended family.
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