Sunday, January 11, 2009

Red rice wine lees dishes - seafood or meat

The residue from making glutinous rice wine, known as 红糟 in Mandarin (hong2 zao1), can be used as flavouring for stir fries of meat and seafood dishes. My favourites are chicken or prawn.

Red yeast rice sauce manufactured by W.J.F. (wei4 rong2) in Taiwan is really good. The red wine residue is said to be made from all natural ingredients, ground into a fine paste and seasoned. It is very tasty by itself. There is no need to add salt or other seasoning sauces to fry the meat.

Fermented glutinous rice also comes in natural white colour if red sorghum is not added. You can purchase this in bottles or small takeaway tubs from the chiller section of Asian grocery stores. Unlike the ready to use red yeast sauce above, a little soy sauce should be added when the meat is almost cooked. Always sear the meat in garlic oil before simmering it so as to bring out the full flavours.

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