Monday, December 29, 2008

Hakka hometown Okra

Steamed spicy okra (lady's finger)

This is my uncle's recipe : not a hint of tartness or gluey texture.

The secrets lie in the slicing of the okra lengthwise and the concoction of sauces with dried shrimp and chilli.


Philip Loh said...


I am a big fan of Hakka dish, although I am Cantonese. Would you happen to have the recipe of this Okra dish, as I am keen to try it out?

cerzi said...

Hi Philip,

Here's a simple recipe. You could tweak according to your preferences with different proportion and combination of sauces.

Here are two versions :

1. Stir fry with XO sauce

2. Steam with dark soy sauce. When cooked, add a little sesame oil and fried shallot. You may add cut chilli if you like spicy food.