Thursday, December 11, 2008

Homemade Assorted Stuffed vegetables - Yong Tofu - Niang Doufu 酿 豆 腐

Hakka Stuffed Tofu

The story was told that Hakkas who migrated from central China, tried to improvise making jiaozi (meat dumplings) using tofu instead of wheat flour pastry which is a scarce in southern China. Today, niang doufu (yong tofu) has become popularized in Chinese restaurants throughout the world.

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Traditional and authentic yong tofu filling contains minced pork, salty dried fish and fish paste. Starch is added to bind the meat which is whipped into a bouncy consistency. Seasoning is basic, using salt and pepper, and possibly spring onions and cut chilli.

One is not limited to stuffing only tofu products. It is really up to the imagination of the cook and the availability of ingredients to create different delicious morsels.

Niang dofu is usually deep fried so that it could keep longer. They are then cooked in boiling soya bean and anchovy stock or oyster sauce gravy. The dipping sweet and chilli sauces add another layer of flavouring to the dish.

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