Monday, May 18, 2009

Stuffed Doufu in Hot Claypot

Dongjiang (Tong Kong) in Guangdong province, Meixian district, is known for its clear mountain waters which are said to be excellent for producing the best snow white and succulent doufu (tofu). Hakkas in Dongjiang have mastered the art of cooking tofu. This dish is cooked in a claypot to retain all the heat and flavours until it is ready to be served.

Cut 2 blocks of firm and silky tofu into rectangular bite sizes.

Blend mince lean pork, fish paste, dried shrimp, salted fish by chopping and blending vigorously with chopsticks. Alternatively, use an electric blender. Add salt, pepper and starch solution at every 5 minute interval.

Scoop a dollop of minced meat and press firmly on top of each beancurd, taking care not to dent it. Fry in oil till cooked.

Heat up frying pan with vegetable oil. Saute garlic, spring onion and ginger in this sequence. Bring 3 TBS of chicken stock to the boil in a claypot. Add garlic, spring onion and ginger.

Put in the vegetables : carrot, spinach or cabbage and simmer. Add the cooked beancurd. Drizzle a little soy sauce, sesame oil and oyster sauce.
Cover and bring to a gradual boil.

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